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Our mission is to develop new engineering and scientific knowledge, and serve as a catalyst to create sustainable energy industries in the Southeastern U.S.

Key Elements:

Promoting the growth of sustainable energy industries in Mississippi.

Researching and developing energy technology that is environmentally and economically sustainable for Mississippi and the Southeast.

Establishing Mississippi State University as a pioneer in the field of sustainable energy research, development, and education with a focus on the unique contributions SERC can make to United States' goals of energy independence and environmental preservation.


Build nationally recognized sustainable energy programs

Secure funding for sustainable energy research

Generate knowledge to support sustainable energy industry

Prepare workforce for sustainable energy companies

Promote policies that encourage sustainable energy development


Local: Mississippi has a large quantity of biomass that can make it a leading state in the production of renewable energy. Knowledge and technologies produced by SERC will enable Mississippi to take advantage of these resources, serving as a catalyst for the emergence of a biorenewable energy industry in Mississippi.

Regional: The knowledge and technologies produced by SERC will enrich the education options available at MSU, the skill sets of the future workforce prepared here, and the general scientific knowledge base of the Southeast region. The knowledge and technology imparted to the current and future workforce will be applicable to Mississippi’s neighbors and to the entire region.

National: SERC’s research is focused on the specifics of Mississippi and the Southeast, but the importance of our research is not limited to our state or region. The technologies developed by SERC will have national implications and can play a role in offsetting the United States' dependence on oil.

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