Design, Build, and Demonstrate a Mobile Pyrolysis Reactor

Distributed production of bio-oils will provide a means to produce bio-oil from our scattered biomass stocks without high transportation costs. This is very important for forestry biomass, as the collection of feedstocks and their transportation via current systems for a resource harvested every 30 years or so is much less developed than for agricultural feestocks that are harvested annually.

Development of distributed processing will required modular or mobile reactors of moderate size that can be moved to locations near the resource. These reactors will reduce the high transportation costs experiernced by pulp and paper operations, for example, with their haul radius for feedstocks delivered to their processing facilities extending for up to 150 miles. Large haul radius accompanies large capital investment; the large the capital investment, the large the haul radius required to make efficient use of capital. Therefore, pyrolysis reactors of low cost can afford a haul radius of reduced size.

In addition, small, low-capital reactors will provide rural jobs and subsequent development compared to concentration of a large capital investment in a restricted geographical area. We will develop a mobile pyrolysis reactor to demonstrate the potential for locating bio-oil production facilities near the feestock source.