Economics & Policy

The purpose of the Economics and Policy platform is to conduct the research needed to determine key social policy issues facing the successful emergence
of a biomass energy industry in the southeastern United States and evaluate the costs of producing and/or collecting various biomass feedstocks that could be used to manufacture biofuels. Additionally, this platform's research focuses on evaluating and designing an assortment of local, state and national public and private policies employed to facilitate the development of sustainable bioenergy industries in Mississippi, the southeast, and in the larger US.

The Economics & Policy platform consists of multidisciplinary teams that develop economic and social policies to facilitate optimal social planning of bioenergy
crop initiatives in Mississippi and the Southeast. Categories of research currently under investigation by the Economics & Policy platform are listed below. You can click on each category to find out more about the category and find a list of affiliated projects.

Categories of research currently under exploration
Economic & Policy Analysis
Social Policy

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