The purpose of the feedstocks platform is to develop agronomically, economically, and environmentally sustainable cropping systems for production, harvesting, and handling of biomass crops in Mississippi. Beyond this critical agronomic information, researchers will attempt to genetically improve selected crops and develop a better understanding of the physiological mechanisms limiting increased plant production through proteomics techniques.

The feedstocks platform consists of multidisciplinary teams that study woody biomass and lignocellulosic and oilseed crops to determine which plants are best suited for different ecological conditions in Mississippi. They also strive to develop genetic variants of plant species that are identified as good biomass sources that exhibit enhanced biofuel production characteristics. Feedstocks researchers also work to develop cropping systems for biomass crops that increase productivity of the available land without increasing the cost of production. Finally, more cost effective ways of breaking down and transporting biomass to biofuel production facilities to reduce the cost of biofuel production are currently under development.

Categories of research currently under investigation by the feedstocks group are listed below. You can click on each category to find out more about the research area and find a list of affiliated projects.

Categories of research currently under exploration
Lignocellulosic Crops
Physiological Testing

For more information on SERC's Feedstocks research visit the dedicated website for the feedstocks platform at www.msstate.edu/dept/pssfeedstocks/.

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